Ostwal Agencies
Orthopedic products


Under the dynamic and experienced leadership of Mr. Neelesh Ostwal, the enterprise started trading in Rehabilitation/Orthopedic products in the year 1991. At that time very few players existed in market delivering quality products. He took this opportunity and started extensive marketing of rehabilitation products under the brand name TENDERCARE™. Within a span of three years our brand TENDERCARE™ began to be recognized with leading brands in the market.


In 1992, with starting of our own manufacturing unit, the enterprise started integrating both horizontally as well as vertically. With a recognized brand and a very well diversified network of distributors/dealers, the enterprise extensively started expanding in other markets. With a result, the sales took a three-fold jump and many new opportunities began to make way. With firm grip in local markets, the enterprise started export of products in 1998 through DABUR INDIA LTD., one of the leading enterprises in India. Quality certified Export Houses (ISO 9001:2000, CE certified) began marketing of TENDERCARE™ products. Today the enterprise is targeting to develop its own export market. The enterprise is also aiming to become important outsource for many leading brands abroad.